Final Warning

KidsPeace Memorandum

To: Neal Miller, RN


CC: Human Resources

Date: March 25, 2014

Re: Final Written Warning

You are being issued this final written warning because you have disparaged the services of KidsPeace to the media.

Disparaging the company’s services to the media can have a negative effect on our ability to receive referrals from those county agencies that we provide services for, and therefore affect our ability to do business. This is even more critical at such an important time for our organization as we try to move forward, grow our business, continue to provide needed services to children, and provide stability for our employees.

Should you engage in this conduct in the future, you will subject to immediate discharge.

We encourage you, going forward, to reach out to me as your supervisor, or to anyone in the Compliance Department, or to anyone in the Human Resources Department, who you feel may be appropriate to discuss your concerns, so that we may address them as quickly as possible.


One thought on “Final Warning

  1. ASZ says:

    Oh Neil —- We knew you were putting a target on your back but this is going too far!! Private message me if you want the name of a goof lawyer. I am so sorry they are trying to silence you.

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